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Well... That was random, gave me a good chuckle!


I'm into vulgarity, potty humor, and hentai like any other guy but this.... This lacks a solid foundation. There isn't really a story, no lessons to be learned, nothing. I'll pass on this one for now. Good Luck with your future cartoons though.

I love it!

In Soviet Russia, Dance breaks you!

It's like a nut...

I love all of you flash submissions Egoraptor they are always so over the top, super funny, and puts me in a better mood after I watch them. Keep it up! :)

German Anime!?

I liked it, it was really bright and colorful. It reminded me of the Japanese Seizure Robots, but instead it's the German Seizure Coffee Hour :D

If it's not German please correct me :)

A hot cup of coffee, and a beautiful naked woman. A great start to any mans and lesbians day!

Great Job

I really mean it. I liked this Anti-Tobacco animation. It had a great message, and the music helped that message across.

I think more need to be like yours, because this wasn't all up in my face. Instead of using Shock like many of "The Truth" ads, you used honesty. Thank You.

I'm a smoker, and I don't plan on smoking anytime soon, and if I ever do I'm going to remember your message! :)

jackbliss responds:

Wow... the last statement you made truly TRULY brings me great satisfaction like none other! Thank you so much!! If more people can be inspired by my little message and can remember it the next time they feel like smoking... my work is done :)

This is a new favorite :D

5/5 for you sir, and 10/10

You gave me a good chuckle with your silliness.

Very Nice!

It was alright I guess, I liked the music, and the story was well thought out. The animation wasn't anything special but it worked.

Good Job!


The characters almost reminded me of Ren & Stimpy! You should make a new one that explores what each generation had growing up. 50's-Current day.

Good Job!

P.S. Kudos on the Old Fart shitting his pants!

"I don't even care about your personality!"

Thanks a lot JoelOnToast! Now I have that line repeating in my head!

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