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Well... That was random, gave me a good chuckle!


I'm into vulgarity, potty humor, and hentai like any other guy but this.... This lacks a solid foundation. There isn't really a story, no lessons to be learned, nothing. I'll pass on this one for now. Good Luck with your future cartoons though.

I love it!

In Soviet Russia, Dance breaks you!

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Could be a fun game, but It's a little annoying that the moments right before I go to jump the game decides to lag and I end up smashing my head on the platform above me...


Even though this game was pretty cool, I think that the thing that stands out the most to me is the music, I really liked the song choice at the title screen. Just has a cool and funky fresh beat to it, and got me excited to play this game to the end.

I hope you make a spin off off this game, same characters, just different style, more action, and more enemies!

Loved It!

I'm a guy who has a thing for puzzle games and this one was great. It was pretty challenging, and the clues and puzzles weren't to hard. *hint* Whoever plays this make your you don't forget to look EVERYWHERE, some of the clues are in some real tricky places.

The music in it was pretty relaxing too, I only wish there were more Puzzle games like this one.

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Love it!

Thanks a lot for providing this song for free! I really loved it, in fact I'm making it a part of my regular playlist.

This is by far one of the best Alice in Wonderland songs I've heard to date :)

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