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Well... That was random, gave me a good chuckle!

You made me laugh out loud :3

I love these animations, because they just get more and more random and ridiculous. Some people might have watched this and went, "WTF IS THIS SHIT!?" but where they fail to see value, I see great humor. Keep this sick and twisted flash pornos coming.


I'm into vulgarity, potty humor, and hentai like any other guy but this.... This lacks a solid foundation. There isn't really a story, no lessons to be learned, nothing. I'll pass on this one for now. Good Luck with your future cartoons though.

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Could be a fun game, but It's a little annoying that the moments right before I go to jump the game decides to lag and I end up smashing my head on the platform above me...


Even though this game was pretty cool, I think that the thing that stands out the most to me is the music, I really liked the song choice at the title screen. Just has a cool and funky fresh beat to it, and got me excited to play this game to the end.

I hope you make a spin off off this game, same characters, just different style, more action, and more enemies!

Loved It!

I'm a guy who has a thing for puzzle games and this one was great. It was pretty challenging, and the clues and puzzles weren't to hard. *hint* Whoever plays this make your you don't forget to look EVERYWHERE, some of the clues are in some real tricky places.

The music in it was pretty relaxing too, I only wish there were more Puzzle games like this one.

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Love it!

Thanks a lot for providing this song for free! I really loved it, in fact I'm making it a part of my regular playlist.

This is by far one of the best Alice in Wonderland songs I've heard to date :)

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