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Could be a fun game, but It's a little annoying that the moments right before I go to jump the game decides to lag and I end up smashing my head on the platform above me...


Even though this game was pretty cool, I think that the thing that stands out the most to me is the music, I really liked the song choice at the title screen. Just has a cool and funky fresh beat to it, and got me excited to play this game to the end.

I hope you make a spin off off this game, same characters, just different style, more action, and more enemies!

Loved It!

I'm a guy who has a thing for puzzle games and this one was great. It was pretty challenging, and the clues and puzzles weren't to hard. *hint* Whoever plays this make your you don't forget to look EVERYWHERE, some of the clues are in some real tricky places.

The music in it was pretty relaxing too, I only wish there were more Puzzle games like this one.


I agree with the others, it could use a little more animation. Everything moved so fast, that I didn't have time to really change to the right color before my guy was teleporting to another platform.

Good Job!

The is pretty good graphics for a game in 3D, and Flash. And a pretty damn good game. I really think you should work on the mechanics of the game though. The weapons don't seem to be very effective. I remember shooting at one of those spiders with a whole clip of the assault rifle and the little fucker was still alive. That really peeved me off. Plus there's never really enough ammo laying around for any of the guns, since I was using whole clips on small hordes of monsters that didn't die, I was left shooting a pistol and getting bent over by even bigger hordes. I think this game is pretty bad ass but I'd really love more ZitS That game is probably my most favorite on newgrounds right now.

Freaking Sweet!

This game is actually pretty bad ass, and I don't think I've ran into one as original as this. The music in the game is real groovy too. It's quite challenging, I'll play this some more in the AM when I wake up.


I'm not sure how I should feel about this game. And I'm not really sure how to play it. You included instructions when we started the level, but I found them to be extremely vague, they didn't really tell me much on how to play the game or what exactly the power ups do. I also found the opponents a lot stronger than my characters, it seems like it took me 2-3 people just to kill one small person. I gave it a try, but in the end I just don't like games where I have no clue as to whats going on. I hope you can improve this a bit, it could be a good and fun game.

Very Cool

Despite a lot of bugs, this game is really fun. I hope you make another one like it or with the same concept.

There is a bug with the medals, I managed to run 2000+M, after I got the 1337 Metal, the other two popped up, but when I go to my acheivements they are not illuminated. I even tried running 1500 and beyond again but no trophies popped up.

And I think your Neutral Colors powerup is broken too, because when I got it, the powerup wore off when I still had one good second to use it.

It's pretty bad

I played it for less than 10 minutes and there's nothing more to do. I usually like games like this but here's a few things

- You know there are so many different things you could do with an office chair? Why weren't they included in this game?

-There were only 8 Upgrades, and I really didn't feel a sense of accomplishment getting any of them, they were all pretty easy, each one was weak. You didn't think to include more?

-I could pardon the graphics, but why so short of a game man?

I hope this is your first game, maybe you should put some more time, thought, and originality in the next one.


Because that's how many hits you gave us. Everything about this game could be perfect, but it's really hard to enjoy myself when there are so many dogs and bones that I can't even maneuver around the game without being hit by one or the other. I played your other game too with the blue guy, twas a little too crazy for me too. I think you should make your games increase gradually in difficulty, not right off the bat like that, it really kills the fun factor in them.

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